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***Three tracks from SARN's album, POSTMODERN TRASH, out February 10, 2017, via Deathbomb Arc. Get the album at

"Noisy, unsettling experimental pop in turns touching and political...SARN’s wildly idiosyncratic voice—a high-pitched, oftentimes falsetto warble—hovers ghost-like over its brilliant pop experiments, challenging listeners through fearless lyrics and bold genre mashups. For an album driven by traditionally rock and pop-oriented instrumentation (drums, synths, piano)—with help from John Vanderslice, no less—it’d be easy to overlook SARN’s integration of hip-hop elements. Check out songs like 'No Shade' and 'Too Much Art' for the clearest examples, but reducing the album’s aesthetics to a mishmash of categories would only undermine the project. These track were 'created out of necessity' but shared with as much heart as I presume was put into it."

"The SARN recordings are strong, defiant, vulnerable, and subversive. ‘My Socks’ combines all of the literary and sonic elements described above...The focus is always on the lyrics and the story...The performances are genius, the lyrics and delivery are sincere, and the ambience is perfect because the mistakes are left in the final mix. Keep in mind while you’re listening- all of the guitar is acoustic. Vanderslice’s engineering is nothing short of brilliant."

"SARN's latest record Postmodern Trash​ takes the idea of 'noise and Hip Hop' to another level. This is no ordinary record."

"When SARN is recording, she orders to study John Vanderslice and spend her money on new songs with studio musicians. The result is indie provenances, but infinitely unusual structures and audio ranges dominated by acoustic guitar and narrative episodes through SARN's reverb, petty voice. Among the nine songs in twenty-four minutes, "My Socks" for example raises racial profiling and police violence. Postmodern Trash is a Californian psychic devoid of his Bonvivian goddess and captured in the cruel banal everyday asphalt." [google translation]

John Vanderslice - Producer, Mixing, Engineer
Rob Shelton - Synths
Andrew Maguire - Drums, Percussion
Sami Perez - Engineer
Adam Hirsch - Engineer
Carly Bond - Engineer
Mitch Calbert - Engineer
Laurence Wasser - Engineer

Mastered by Jeff Lipton at Peerless Mastering, Boston, MA
Assistant Mastering Engineer: Maria Rice

Recorded at Tiny Telephone in Oakland, CA


released February 10, 2017



all rights reserved



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